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Here at the San Francisco Mama we’re dedicated to lifting up and promoting local Bay Area products, services and people. The following is a product review of The Good Chocolate, a Keto Approved Zero-Sugar chocolate company based in San Francisco, CA.

Disclosure: I received free chocolate for the purposes of a review. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own. Also, this post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase I’ll earn a commission, at no additional cost to you. Read my full disclosure here, and thank you for your support!

Dark Chocolate and Mental Health Benefits

Recently, I went down a little rabbit hole researching natural ways to improve mental health. After nearly two years of parenting through a pandemic and facing the ongoing uncertainty of the world, I realized my mental health was taking a hit. I found myself struggling with anxiety often, with my worries often growing to a place where I felt overwhelmed.

After some initial searching, I discovered the book Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety: Nourish Your Way to Better Mental Health in Six Weeks by Drew Ramsey, MD. In this book, Dr. Ramsey describes the enormous mental health benefits of nutrients found in certain foods we eat. According to the book, one of the top food categories to ease depression and anxiety is dark chocolate.

Not only is consuming dark chocolate good for your cardiovascular health (it contains flavanols like heart-healthy epicatechin,) studies show that people who eat higher amounts of dark chocolate have a significantly reduced risk of depression symptoms. It also helps with cognitive function, boosts memory, reduces stress and minimizes inflammation in the brain.

Here is the tricky part, though. While dark chocolate (specifically cacao) is really great for your body and mind, refined sugar is not. (Read this article from healthline about the dangers of consuming too much sugar.) It’s important not to counteract the health benefits of eating dark chocolate by consuming dark chocolate with a lot of added sugar.

The Good Chocolate to the rescue!

Healthy AND Delicious

You can imagine my excitement, then, when I discovered a local chocolate company was making dark chocolate that was super-healthy. The Good Chocolate makes chocolate with zero sugar. Instead, it’s chocolate is sweetened with organic erythritol, mesquite and stevia. Because these sweeteners do not spike blood sugar the way regular sugar would, you can eat happily without a major spike in glucose.

The Good Chocolate uses organic, ethically sourced cacao, the superfood behind the mood boosts.It’s keto and paleo friendly, and most of its products are vegan. There are no artificial flavors used, ever. These factors combined make the Good Chocolate one of the best chocolates for you.

For example, here is the ingredients list for the signature dark bar:

  • Cacao Beans (Organic)
  • Erythritol (Organic)
  • Cocoa Butter (Organic)
  • Mesquite Powder (Organic)
  • Stevia (Organic)
  • Vanilla (Organic)

Taste Test

The first thing I noticed after tasting the dark chocolate bar was that for a chocolate bar with zero sugar, it was surprisingly sweet. Many dark chocolates with high cacao percentages can be bitter, but this chocolate has the perfect balance of creamy and sweet.

This award winning bean-to-bar treat is rich and deeply chocolatey, tasting like a high quality dessert chocolate. It’s really delicious!

My favorites include the Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Sea Salt and the Dark Chocolate Peppermint. They are so yummy and the perfect mid-day treat to pep me up while working.

Organic Sweeteners

Often times when companies use sugar substitutes like stevia and erythritol there is a strange bitter and metallic aftertaste. After sampling many of the different types of the Good Chocolate bars, I’m glad to report that the aftertaste is almost unrecognizable. These chocolates don’t play tricks on your taste buds.

Price – The Good Chocolate Review

The Good Chocolate is on the mid-to-higher price range compared to other gourmet chocolate (falling between dark chocolate companies like Scharffen Berger and L.A. Burdick) in part because of it’s high quality ingredients. A signature dark bar (2.5 oz) is $8, and a .4 oz square is $2.50.

Buy The Good Chocolate Products

*Also available at Whole Foods grocery store.

More health benefits to enjoying The Good Chocolate dark chocolate

  • May help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and aid in cardiovascular health (according to the American Heart Association)
  • It’s Low Carb (an entire bar of their signature dark has only 2g net carbs.)
  • It’s certified low- FODMAP (the first chocolate in the world!)
  • It does not promote tooth decay
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • Includes much less sugar than regular chocolate (zero sugar!)
  • It’s Keto diet and Paleo diet friendly
  • It contains almost all organic ingredients

The Good Chocolate review wrap-up

The long and short of it is, the Good Chocolate makes really great organic chocolates. While it is a little pricier for a chocolate bar, it tastes like a fancy chocolate and is full of high quality ingredients.

I’m happy to report that i’ve incorporated a little healthy dark chocolate into my daily ritual. That, along with some other healthy habits I’ve started, have helped decrease my anxiety levels. Plus, I get to look forward to eating chocolate that I know isn’t bad for my body.

If you’re going to eat chocolate, why not eat the Good Chocolate?

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