11 Succulent Subscriptions (that will love you back)

Monthly Succulent Subscriptions might be just the thing you need to bring joy to your space and peace to your heart! Here’s my story:

woman with succulents over her eyes like binoculars

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I really wanted some indoor plants, so I purchased a delicate purple orchid from Trader Joes. I tried hard to keep it healthy, watering it just a little bit and keeping it near sunlight BUT not in direct sunlight. Because I read that orchids like humidity I took it into the bathroom when I took a shower. No matter what I did though, my poor little orchid just kept losing its petals. Finally, it’s stem turned brown and hard, and it’s last petal fell. Then I was left feeling so much shame and sadness about letting my tender plant baby die!

My best friend Danielle called and I told her about my plant woes. I explained that I wanted some indoor plants to add joy to my space, but it was clear I didn’t have a green thumb. Danielle encouraged me to try again with a different type of plant, and sent me my first succulent subscription box! In it was a note from Danielle that said, “I know you love plants. These succulents will love you back.”

Why succulents make great house plants

I soon learned that succulents are wonderful indoor plants for many reasons. Especially for someone who is gardening-challenged like me, these plants are great because they very sturdy and super hard to kill! They take less water than the average plant and tend to thrive no matter what. Soon I was reducing my stress and loving the vibes in my home. I 10/10 recommend these succulent subscriptions for anyone who wants to bring happiness and peacefulness to their space without the disappointment of finicky house plants!

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Succulents Monthly

Succulents Monthly is perfect for the inexperienced gardener who wants to knock it out of the park on their first try at being a plant parent. The monthly box includes healthy plants, beautiful pots and everything else you need to start a unique collection of house plants.  

Gifting to a friend? Printable gift cards are also available!

Subscriptions start at $29 a month.

The Cactique

The Cactique is a charming subscription box that ships a monthly cactus or succulent in a stylish container. Included in every shipment is also a fun extra gift, like soap, socks, candles or other succulent themed items. A top dressing, like rocks or moss, is also included. This is the perfect self-care gift to give yourself or your chic friend.

Subscriptions start at $18.66/ month.

Succulents Box

The Succulents Box – Monthly Subscription Box sends sweet little 2 inch succulents monthly, with flexible options to include 1-4 succulents per shipment. Each month the Succulents box features new varieties of plants. Because shipments start at just $4.75 a month, this is the perfect box to grow your collection of succulents. The plants are organically grown and shipped healthy.

Subscriptions start at $4.75/ month.

House Plant Box

Want more plants in your house but worried about your pets nibbling on unsafe greenery? The House Plant Box has a solution for you! This subscription delivers fresh and exceptional houseplants, succulents, air plants and seeds. There are many different options to choose from, including two that are specifically and exclusively pet-safe plants.

Subscriptions start at $15.99/ month.

The Plant Club

If you’re looking for a subscription that includes everything you need, The Plant Club is for you! Every month, the Plant Club ships fresh houseplants along with stylish pots and anything else you need to take care of your new plant babies. Although this subscription is not exclusively succulents, you’ll find that the hand painted instructions make it easy to learn how to tend to any plant. Perfectly designed for families with kids who want to learn more about indoor gardening! This subscription box is highly rated and recommended.

Subscriptions start at $36/ month.

Succulent Studios

Looking for a cute gift to send a friend? The Succulent Studios subscription box is perfect! Every month, the Succulent Studios delivers two special baby species of succulent along with easy care instruction cards. Based in Southern California, Succulent Studios ships fast to anywhere in the country.

Subscriptions start at $10/ month.

The Succulent Source

There are over 60 unique succulents grown and available from The Succulent Source. That means that every month you’ll be guaranteed variety! With this subscription you’ll get 5 handpicked mature succulents with care instruction cards. Perfect for succulent fans who want to grow their collection.

Subscriptions start at $27/ month.

Succulent Lovers

With Succulent Lovers, you can choose to receive either plant cuttings, potted plants or a succulent arrangement planter. In every delivery you can expect a new species of succulent, no matter which membership you chose. The ceramic planters are super adorable and will add a boost of happiness to anyone who sees them.

Subscriptions start at $10.17/ month.


Plantboxs is a standout when it comes to succulent subscriptions. Each monthly delivery contains small, medium, or large plants that have been sourced from local farms. Every PlantBoxs contains something handpicked and beautiful. Plantboxs uses it’s own app to help you easy manage your subscriptions, including pausing or cancelling your shipments.

Subscriptions start at $34.95/ month.

Adopt a Plant Shop

The Adopt a Plant Shop subscription box delivers a new small plant and pot each month! Included is a baby succulent, a hand-picked non-plastic container, soil, decorative accents, and a handwritten care instructions card. This succulent subscription provides everything you need to become a successful house plant parent.

Subscriptions start at $15/ month.

Leaf & Clay

When you join The Plant Club subscription membership with Leaf & Clay you’ll receive a new 3-pack of 2.5” succulents monthly. Because a new variety of succulents are hand-selected for every delivery you’re guaranteed new species. Also, shipping is completely FREE on all Plant Mail Club subscriptions orders!

Shipping somewhere cold? Opt to add a $5 heat pack to keep your plants happy and healthy!

Subscriptions start at $19.95 a month.

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