Subscription Boxes for Kids- The Most Exciting of 2022

It seems that no matter how many packages we get delivered, my kids always find it exciting when a box arrives. Even if it’s something as boring as a prescription in the mail or my shampoo from Target, the anticipation of opening a mystery package is thrilling for kids! That’s why subscription boxes for kids make such an excellent gift. Not only do these fun and exciting packages deliver entertainment directly to kids month after month, they are a personal surprise that children can look forward to.

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The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

  1. Green Kid Crafts
  2. MontiKids
  3. We Craft Box
  4. Little Feminist Book Club
  5. Little Learners Busy Box
  6. Unicorn Dream Box
  7. Highlights for Kids Subscription Boxes
  8. Foodstirs Junk Free Bakery Kits
  9. Howdy Baby Box
  10. WompleBox
  11. Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscriptions
  12. Toy Box Monthly
  13. My First Reading Club
  14. Ultimate Sensory Box
  15. Cub Pantry

1. Green Kid Crafts

Are you ready to kick off your child’s STEAM learning journey? Green Kids Crafts offer a wide variety of nature-based activity kits. Founded by Penny Bauder, an environmental scientist and a Mom, these kits include activities centered on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.) A wide variety of themes are available, ranging from ‘Holidays Around The World’ craft kit boxes, to ‘Exciting Animals and Ecosystems’ boxes and ‘Mad Science’ boxes. Green Kid Crafts is one of the highest rated educational subscription boxes.Join today, and save 10% on any new subscription.

Subscription Box: Green Kid Crafts Science & Craft Subscriptions for kids ages 2-10

Age Range: 2-10 years old

Price: Varies in price, on average $34.95 per month

2. MontiKids

The Montessori method is all about engaging and fostering a baby’s natural curiosity by setting up an environment that allows them to explore and discover at their own pace. Backed by a century of research, this proven educational approach that helps babies “learn how to learn.”

The MontiKidsMontessori Toy Subscription the easiest way for parents to create that environment. From ages Newborn until 3 years old, a Monti Kids subscription sends high quality Montessori toys quarterly based on the developmental stage the child is in.

Subscription Box: MontiKids

Age Range: Newborn-3 years old

Price: $297 quarterly

3. We Craft Box

We Craft Box is on a mission to unplug kids from screens and get them crafting with their monthly deliveries. These monthly boxes have a different theme each shipment and include at least 4 corresponding quality crafts and art projects. All of the materials are included, and it can be shared by 2 children at once.

We Craft Box

Subscription Box: We Craft Box

Age Range: 3-9 years old

Price: $25 per month

4. Little Feminist Book Club

Did you know that only 31% of children’s books feature a female character, and only 13% feature a person of color? Diversity the bookshelf of your favorite kids withLittle Feminist Book Club. Every month, Little Feminist will send a high quality book along with an activity page and a discussion card. These handpicked books are always inclusive and celebrate all people. Shop by age, subscriptions range from 0-2 up to 7-9 years old.

2-4-year-old Book Club

Subscription Box: Little Feminist

Age Range: 0-9 years old

Price: $18.95- $22.95 per month

5. Little Learners Busy Box

Developed by a Mom of three and a former educator, theLittle Learners Busy Box kits need no preparation and are perfect for keeping young kids entertained. These hands-on learning activities engage kids and give them something fun to focus on. Every month is centered on a different theme. They come in mini box and big box size.

Little Learners Busy Box

Subscription Box:Little Learners Busy Box

Age Range: 2-4 years old

Price: $12.50 – $16.58 per month

6. Unicorn Dream Box

Perfect for the Unicorn lover, theUnicorn Dream Box is a super fun box full of magic and rainbows! Every month, kids will receive 6-9 full sized unicorn themed items; like stuffed animals, school supplies, stickers, bags, books, and more. Sparkly and colorful, this box will delight all unicorn fans.

Unicorn Dream Box

Subscription Box:Unicorn Dream Box

Age Range: 3-10 years old

Price: $38 per month

7. Highlights Subscription Boxes

Highlights Magazines have been a foundation of learning for children for over 75 years. With a Highlights Subscription, children can enjoy a box full of developmentally appropriate school-readiness activity books. Subscription boxes are tailored by age and come in preschool, kindergarten and first grade. It’s a great way to encourage kids to read!

Kindergarten Subscription Box

Subscription Box: Kindergarten Subscription Box

Age Range: 3-7 years old

Price: $12.49 per month

8. Foodstirs

Co-created by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Foodstirs is a sweet cooking subscription kit for the whole family.Foodstirs focuses on ingredients that taste great and have significantly less sugar than leading treats, making the baking experience exciting and healthy for kids! From donuts to cookies to rainbow pancakes, these boxes deliver all the dry ingredients needed to make and decorate your favorite desserts. Especially fun for older kids who are interested in learning to bake.

Subscription Box:Foodstirs

Age Range: 6+

Price: $34.98 per month

9. Howdy Baby Box

TheHowdy Baby Monthly Subscription Box was started by two sisters in Texas who were on a mission to send ethically conscious, American made quality products to kids. Because of that, they partner exclusively with women-owned small businesses and independant brands. Inside the monthly box is 6-8 full size children’s products, like clothes, toys and care products tailored to the child’s developmental stage. You tell them the child’s birthdate and they hand pick the items based on the child’s age.

Subscription Box:Howdy Baby Monthly Subscription Box

Age Range: Newborn- 6 years old

Price: $60 per month

10. WompleBox

Developed by Child Development Experts, The WompleBox from Womple Studios explores different cultures and countries around the world. Each month, the WompleBox focuses on a different region and engages kids with a storybook, 2 STEAM activities, a map, a souvenir and more. Follow a traveling pal from Antarctica named Womple as she discovers a new country and wonders of the world every month. It’s a fun way to discover the world we live in.

Ordering your first box? Get 30% off your first month of WompleBox with code FIRSTMONTH30.

Culture Quest Camp

Subscription Box:Womple Studios: Grow Tomorrow’s Out-Of-The-Box Thin

Age Range: 6-11 years old

Price: $24.99 per month

11. Panda Pals Kids Sock Subscription

Fun socks never go out of style. Panda Pals Kid Sock subscriptions sends 2 pairs of fun socks and a mystery prize to kids every month. Because Panda Pals are dedicated to making the world a better place, the company donates socks to those in need with every subscription purchased. Made with Peruvian Pima Cotton, these socks are guaranteed to be long lasting and high quality. They are a great gift for children in many different age groups.

Subscription Box:Panda Pals Kids Socks

Age Range: 3-7 years old

Price: $16 per month

12. Toy Box Monthly

From Polly Pocket to LEGO,Toy Box Monthly box delivers exactly what kids want. Every month, children will receive 4-6 licensed popular toys. Choose a gender-specific box or a gender neutral assortment. This box includes super trendy products from top brands. What’s more, it includes free shipping. These make great subscription boxes for kids.

Box with Batman toy, Polly Pocket Toy, a Hot wheels car and other toys. Subscription box from Toy Box Monthly

Subscription Box:Toy Box Monthly

Age Range: 4-8 years old

Price: $12.49 per month

13. My First Reading Club

The My First Reading Club Subscription Box is a book club for kids. Every month, My First Reading club sends children’s books (including board books, picture books and hardcover books) to children. From newborns to older children in middle school, there is a book subscription for all, with 5 distinct age groups to choose from. The most exciting part is they also include a small gift for Mom with every shipment!

My First Reading Club

Subscription Box: My First Reading Club

Age Range: 0-12 years old

Price: $16.99 per month

14. Ultimate Sensory Box

The Ultimate Sensory Box is a sensory bin toolkit that includes 10 activities and everything you need to create exciting and educational fun. Designed to meet kindergarten Common Core State Standards, this box comes with a children’s book and a lesson plan, all based around different themes.

Ultimate Sensory Box

Subscription Box:Ultimate Sensory Box

Age Range: 3-6 years old

Price: $39 per quarter

15. Cub Pantry Kids Snack Box

As a Mama, I try hard to have healthy snacks on hand for my kids. WithCub Pantry, I don’t have to worry about running out of new and interesting things for my kids to try! Cub Pantry offers snack kits customizable by age and dietary restrictions. There is a box for households that are gluten free, vegetarian, or nut free! Pediatric Dietitian approved, these yummy snacks are made with low sugar, whole grains and real ingredients. 12-15 snacks per box.

Cub Pantry

Subscription Box: Cub Pantry

Age Range: 6 months to 4+ years old

Price: $24.99 per month

Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids

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