Easiest Way to Recycle Baby Gear (and Earn Money Back) in San Francisco

Toycycle.co is the easiest way to recycle baby gear in the Bay Area. With their super convenient consignment process, you can finally get rid of the stuff your kids have outgrown (and make some money doing it!) Read on for details on how to schedule your free curbside pickup and how to snag 20% off any regularly priced item.

toycycle is the easiest way to recycle baby gear

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Feeling buried in kid stuff? Trying to find a new loving home for your lightly used baby things? Kids are constantly growing out of clothes and out of developmental stages. Suddenly their toys, strollers, high chairs and outfits are no longer needed and cluttering up your space. And while their old things phase out, new kid things are always phasing in. It’s so easy for these things to start piling up, taking up valuable real estate in your home!

Especially if you are eco conscious, getting rid of unneeded items can be a challenge. You know the things your children loved have more life in them! But finding and getting everything to a donation center is tricky. If you have bulky items it can be such a hassle to get everything in your car. And if you’re towing along kids it feels basically impossible. All of this can leave you frustrated and wishing for an easier way to recycle baby gear.

Feeling buried and needing a solution

This was me a few months ago. Our home was full of clothes, toys, strollers, games, and other baby/ toddler stuff that my kids no longer used but that were in good condition. We were so cramped that we started storing things in my in-law’s garage! (Thanks, in-laws!) It seemed my kids had barely used a lot of the things they had before they had outgrown them. I wanted to find the most sustainable (and the most convenient) way to get all of the unneeded stuff out of our space.

plastic bags filled with toys
The way our donation looked when Toycycle picked it up.

I started searching the internet for the best and easiest way to recycle baby gear in the Bay Area. That’s when I found out about Toycycle.

Toycycle sounded so convenient that at first I thought it was too good to be true! But after filling out the online questionnaire and quickly receiving an email response and I knew I had found my clutter solution.

How Toycycle works

If you live in the Bay Area, Toycycle will schedule a FREE curbside, contactless pick up of ALL OF YOUR STUFF AT ONCE. Bags and/ or boxes of kid clothes? check. Lightly used toys? check. Strollers, high chairs, baby swings? check, check, check. All you have to do is gather it up, bag or box the smaller items, and put it on your doorstep.

“Consigned toys and gear will be fully processed by TOYCYCLE: pick-up, inspection, cleaning, writing product descriptions, taking photos, pricing and listing in our store, marketing your items through various channels and managing them on multiple marketplace platforms. When your items sell, you’ll have the option to receive a percentage of the net sale (after deduction of shipping costs if any) in a cash payment or site credit to acquire other items on TOYCYCLE.”

Women easily recycling baby gear carrying box

After your pickup, you’ll start to notice your items on the toycycle.co site within a few weeks. Except they won’t look like they did when you bagged them up, they will be beautifully photographed and listed for optimal selling performance. You can track your item sales in real time. Once you make over $5 you choose how to be paid- via Paypal, Venmo, or store credit! You can even elect to donate your profits to charity. Tracking exactly how much your items sell for and how much your received in consignment is very easy. I love the accessibility of the website.

toycycle.co dashboard
The way my products appear now on my toycycle.co dashboard.

“Cash payouts range from 15-80% based on the value of the item sold, higher value items receiving a higher percentage payout. If you choose store credit, your payout will be 10% higher. You can also choose to donate your proceeds to charity!”


It’s also a great place to find high quality kid stuff!

Speaking of sustainability, buying used children’s clothing, toys and other gear is a great way to reduce waste. Toycycle.co makes it super convenient to help the planet with their extensive collection of high end available products. Browsing and buying online is easy, and if you don’t like something there is a 7 day return policy guarentee.

Ready to buy? Use my discount code SFMAMA20 and receive 20% off any regularly priced item.


Use code SFMAMA20 for 20% off any regularly priced item.

Coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Limit one per customer.

toycycle is the easiest way to recycle baby gear

Toycycle was created by parents who have been there. They take all of the pain points out of recycling baby gear.

Don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area but still want to consign?

Toycycle has a solution for you! If you live in California request a cleanout box, or if you live anywhere within the United States request a stuff and send bag. All shipping is paid for by Toycycle.co, no matter what your zip code.

Examples of items Toycycle.co will accept

  • High Chairs
  • Baby Clothes
  • Diaper Bags
  • Baby Swings
  • Bouncy Seats
  • Baby Carriers
  • Kid’s Clothes
  • Baby Books
  • Baby Toys
  • Old Baby Gear in Good Condition
  • Kid’s Clothes
  • Strollers
  • Breast Pumps

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