Butter Love Bakeshop- The Way To Eat Dessert In San Francisco

When it comes to butter and flavor, Esa Yonn-Brown doesn’t mess around. She is a seasoned pastry chef and business owner who incorporates her knowledge and passion for baking into each of her creations. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, it’s time to try one of her delectable treats at her bakery, Butter Love Bakeshop.

A pie box full of pastries and treats from Butter Love Bakeshop in San Francisco, on the counter near glass jars of cookies.

Butter Love Bakeshop is the place to find delicious pies, cookies, pastries, and treats that smell divine and taste even better. From everything from an old fashioned pastry to new creations like a cupcake donut with nutella inside it, you will not be disappointed.

Located in the Outer Richmond District on Balboa Street in San Francisco, Butter Love Bakeshop is a local favorite. Open Tuesday- Sunday, you’ll often find a small line of customers wafting in the smell of fresh baked goods.

A plate of pastries, including a donut muffin, a donut with sugar on top, a croissant and a cookie.

Owner Esa Yonn-Brown is a native San Franciscan who has spent her culinary career perfecting her buttery pie dough. The dough is perfect because it stays crisp and delicious for many days after it’s baked. It tastes exactly like you want a good dough to taste, rich without being too greasy or too dry.

Window outside of butter love bakeshop. Sign in the window says "fresh baked pies served daily."
Outside of Butter Love Bakeshop on Balboa Street

Ordering from Butter Love Bakeshop

For special occasions, Butter Love is a great place to order a whole pie or cake. From pecan pies, to fruit pies, to vegan chocolate cake, Butter Love has the perfect dessert to serve at your next party.

To secure a whole homemade pie or cake, order ahead by calling Butter Love’s phone number (415.702.6344) or email Esa at esa@butterlovebakeshop.com. You can also visit the website at butterlovebakeshop.com. Orders must be 3 days in advance placed during business hours by phone or online. 

In addition to sweet treats, the bakeshop also makes savory pies and items, like a ham and cheese croissant or a jalapeño cheddar quiche. The menu is seasonal and changes, so call ahead or check out their instagram @butterlovebakeshop for the most up-to-date menu items.

Popular Sweet Treats

Donut Muffin

A donut muffin on a plate with a dollop of nutella in the middle of the donut.
The Donut Muffin

Because this treat has the pastry shape of a muffin but the consistency and taste of a donut, it is named the donut muffin! It has a dollop of nutella inside and is completely devine. The donut muffin also available plain or with jam inside.

Cowboy Cookie

A cowboy cookie from butter love bakeshop on a plate. a brown cookie with oats and chocolate chips visible.
The Cowboy Cookie

The Cowboy cookie is a unique cookie with so many delicious ingredients. There is chocolate chips, oatmeal and coconut all mixed in. This cookie is one of my kid’s favorites!


A cuppie - a pie baked in a cupcake tin, on a plate.
The Cuppie

The Cuppie is a pie cupcake. As someone who absolutely loves fruit pies, I adore this single serve option. This cuppie was an apple pie. The crumble on top and the ratio of filling to crust was absolutely perfect. This would be great to serve with a little bit of vanilla ice cream.

Visit Butter Love Bakeshop

Butter Love Bakery is opened Tuesday- Sunday and closed on Monday.

  • Tuesday-Thursday 7:30-2
  • Friday 7:30- 4
  • Saturday & Sunday 8 – 4

Since everything is handmade, pastry flavors and treats are seasonal. Butter Love features different fruits throughout the year.

At this bakery, you feel the love of butter. You can expect great service and friendly staff. Plan a visit and follow Butter Love on instagram at @butterlovebakeshop.

A cup of coffee next to a peach tart on a plate.

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