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Being a San Francisco Mama wasn’t always in the plan, and it hasn’t always been easy.

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m a San Francisco based Mama of two kids, and I’m the owner of this website.

I didn’t grow up in the city. In fact, I’m originally from Southern California. If you had told me 15 years ago that I would be a parenting blogger based in San Francisco, I would have laughed! But I met a guy named Brendan in college, and after I graduated, we decided to live together in his hometown of San Francisco. So I moved from the land of sunshine and swimming pools to the land of coastal fog and amazing coffee. We married a few years later and have lived here ever since.

Before we had kids, I was working my way up the corporate ladder at a bank. I had made it all the way to executive assistant for a communications director when I became pregnant in 2015.

Becoming a Mom and Changing my Career Path

I had every intention of continuing up that career ladder until the moment I gave birth to my son. Childbirth and the postpartum anxiety that followed completely changed my world. I was a wreck when I returned to work after a four-month maternity leave. Every day, I had to schedule two 20-minute shifts in my building’s pumping room, which was a sad little space where breastfeeding mothers went to pump. There was a small corkboard on the wall with pictures of people’s babies. Every day, I would look at a picture of my baby and sob. I simply wanted to be with him.

A lot of my co-workers said that it would get easier as time passed, but for me, it didn’t. Every morning I’d kiss my baby goodbye and get on the streetcar at 7am, then return home around 6pm, basically to spend one hour with him before putting him to bed.

I made the decision to leave my high potential job and switch to a very part-time, work from home job after about eight months of feeling utterly miserable. It meant that for a while, we would have to stay in our tiny, rent-controlled apartment rather than buying a house (as we had planned). Thank goodness Brendan was 100% on board and supportive of the decision.

woman watching child create an art project at a low orange table

Suddenly a Stay-at-Home Lifestyle

Now that I was at home with my just-turned-one-year-old, I had a new problem to solve, which was “What do we do together all day?”

Unfortunately in all of my work/life unbalance misery, I hadn’t made any friends who were parents of babies themselves. I was 27 years old at the time, and none of my San Francisco friends were parents yet. Furthermore, I had no idea what the city offered kids.

My new mission was to solve that problem. For the next few years I spent almost every day discovering the best playgrounds, museums, classes and attractions the Bay Area has for families. In 2018 we welcomed our second baby, and life has been family adventure filled ever since.

I’m offering this blog in the hopes that my insight will be helpful to rookie and seasoned parents alike. Whether you’re a local parent or just visiting San Francisco, follow me and I’ll share my favorite hidden kid-friendly gems this unique place has to offer.

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