25 Useful Gifts for a Pregnant Friend (Not for Baby!)

When a friend or family member tells you they’re pregnant, it’s natural to want to buy a gift for their future baby. Cute onesies, soft blankets, and whimsical nursery decor are all items that the future Mama will want and need soon. However, for the time being, what an expectant Mother would appreciate the most is something nice for themselves! They’re going through a lot of physical and mental changes, after all. What a pregnant Mama wants, especially if it’s their first child, is to know that she is loved and supported. As a result, the most useful gifts for a pregnant friend focus on the pregnant woman.

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What are the best pregnancy gifts for first-time Moms?

The best gifts for your newly pregnant best friend are ones that focus on pampering them. Below is a list of 25 affordable and practical gifts that any first time Mama-to-be will be thrilled to receive.

-25 Useful Gifts for a Pregnant Friend-

Gift Guide:

  1. A Countdown Calendar
  2. Pregnancy Tea
  3. Keepsake journal
  4. Baby Doppler
  5. Oh Baby Box
  6. The Birth Ball
  7. Ecocentric Mom Box
  8. Nausea Relief drops
  9. Pregnancy Pillow
  10. Box of Cookies
  11. Adjustable Slippers
  12. Farm Fresh Flowers
  13. Pregnancy Water Bottle
  14. Bath Flakes
  15. Burt’s Bees Balm
  16. Ultrasound Frame
  17. Personalized wine glass
  18. A Luxury Pregnancy Gift Box
  19. Pregnancy Activity Book
  20. Cozy push socks
  21. Pregnancy Tracking Chalkboard
  22. Plant of the month club subscription
  23. Snack Box
  24. Foot Massager
  25. Earth Mama gift box

1. A Custom Countdown Calendar to help make every day exciting

pregnancy calendar countdown

So many changes happen during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. Help Mama keep track by gifting them a customized tear-off daily calendar to count down to their due date! The calendar starts at either 8, 12, 15, or 20 weeks and ends at 40 weeks. Every day comes with a new fetal development fact or interesting pregnancy tidbit.

2. Pregnancy Tea to help them find their zen

Earth Mama Organics - Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

There are moments during pregnancy that are pure bliss, but there are also lots of stressful times! Help them find a peaceful moment with Organic Peaceful Mama Tea, made with all natural ingredients. Because it’s small, it’s an affordable yet great gift any friend will love. Check out all of the Earth Mama Pregnancy Products for organic and non-toxic items that will enhance any pregnancy.

3. A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal to jot big feelings in

Pregnancy Journal

So many things happen when you’re pregnant that it’s hard to remember all of the little moments. That’s why they’ll love a Keepsake Pregnancy Journal to jot down all that’s happening during this special time. This is a helpful pregnancy gift that will keep on giving the entire 40 weeks while they wait for the new baby.

4. Baby Doppler to give them peace of mind

Baby doppler baby shower gift

There is nothing more magical and calming than listening to your baby’s heartbeat in the womb. With a Sonoline B Fetal Doppler Mama doesn’t have to wait until their next appointment to connect to their little one. It’s the ultimate peace-of-mind tool for an expecting Mama. The perfect gift idea especially for a first pregnancy.

5. Oh Baby Box for a fun surprises in the mail

Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes are a super thoughtful way to pamper your bestie. They’ll get 6-8 full size pregnancy safe products. Each box is aimed at upgrading their pregnancy so they can remain healthy and relaxed. Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect gift for your friend!

6. The Birth Ball for their pelvic floor

birth ball gift

The Birth Ball is incredibly useful for all stages of baby-having. Help your pal reduce back pain and prepare for an easy- breezy delivery. The Birth Ball comes with a book of trimester specific exercises they can do to help loosen their pelvic muscles and promote blood flow to their uterus. Awesome for any Mama who wants to stay in shape during pregnancy.

7. Ecocentric Mom Box to help them feel connected to Mother Nature

Ecocentric Mom gift

The Ecocentric Mom box is perfect gift for your pregnant best friend, especially if they’re mindful about organic, natural and eco-friendly products. They’ll get 4-6 exciting items in the shipment. They’ll love the surprise delivered to their door, and you’ll look like a superstar friend. “Godparent” has a nice ring to it, am I right?

8. Nausea Relief Drops to ease the unwanted pregnancy gift of vomiting

Nausea relief drops

Did you know that (according to the American Pregnancy Association) 70% of pregnant people get nauseous at some point during pregnancy? Did you also know that the term “morning sickness” is total bologna, for most people the nausea sticks around all day! Even if they don’t feel sick right now, they’ll appreciate having these Nausea Relief Drops on hand. Help get them through the first trimester with this thoughtful gift.

9. Pregnancy Pillow to make them ultra-comfy

Woman on Pregnancy Pillow- a useful pregnancy gifts for first time Moms.

It’s really hard to get in a comfortable position when you’re expecting. Help them out with this Pregnancy Pillow. These large body pillows supports a pregnant person in all of the unique ways they need to be supported when trying to get a little rest. An essential pregnancy present for a first time Mom.

10. A box of cookies for when the baby demands goodies

Mrs. Cookies subscription- a sweet pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Sometimes the best gifts are things you can eat. Pregnancy cravings are legit, and they deserves a treat! Send them a box of deliciousness with Mrs. Chips Cookies. They’ll thank you for the boost of energy and the happy indulgence of sweets!

11. Adjustable slippers for their growing feet

Adjustable spa slippers as part of the pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Pregnancy is really rough on a Mama’s feet. Not only do they swell and ache, they sometimes even grow (and don’t shrink back!) That’s why they’ll love having Jessica Simpson’s Plush Adjustable Spa Slippers nearby to slip on whenever their tired toes need a break.

12. Flowers to make them smile

Enjoy Flowers
Farm Fresh bouquet from Enjoy Flowers.

Fresh flowers are a tried and true delightful gift to receive. Remind your pregnant friend that they are a beautiful blossom! Send a classy Enjoy Flowers gift and they’ll receive a handpicked bouquet from a sustainable farm. You can choose between a one time gift or a monthly subscription. Enjoy Flowers!

13. Pregnancy Water Bottle to remind them to stay hydrated

Water bottle with hydration tracker reminders- great pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Staying hydrated is critical during pregnancy. Make it easy for them to remember with this BPA free water bottle that includes time markers to remind them to keep drinking. The design also works great as a gentle reminder that just because someone’s pregnant doesn’t mean they wants to be touched by strangers.

14. Pregnancy-safe Bath Salts for ultimate relaxation

Pregnancy flakes bath salts- perfect pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Help your best friend find some relaxation and a pause from all of the stress and extra stuff that comes from being pregnant with Pink Stork Pregnancy Flakes: Bath Salts. Made by a Woman Owned company, you can feel good gifting something that is for women, by women.

15. Burt’s Bees Balm for the Mama Bee

Burts Bees pregnancy gift set

The Burts Bees – Mama Bees Relaxation Collection includes 4 oz. bottle of Mama Bee Body Oil, 6.5 oz tub of Mama Bee Belly Butter, a 3.38 oz tube of Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme. Burt’s Bees will help keep that growing belly smooth and those legs and feet moisturized with their top of the line body lotion.

16. Ultrasound Frame for their new favorite picture

Ultrasound Frame for picture- good pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Ultrasounds and the ultrasound pictures are such a highlight of pregnancy! Your friend want to look at them over and over. Give them an official first picture frame with this Ultrasound Frame. It’s a special gift that the whole family will cherish.

17. A Wine Glass to look forward to

Wine glass after baby gift

This is a fun way to remind her that you’ll still be around to have a glass of wine with after they’ve given birth. Pair this wine glass with a ticket for a free drink with you redeemable at any point after birth.

18. A Luxury Pregnancy Gift Box to pamper them

Nurtured 9 say congrats box with a water bottle, robe, baby journal and other small gifts inside a gift box

When you want to gift something luxurious and thoughtful, a pregnancy gift box from Nurtured 9 is an ideal option. It’s a hand curated pregnancy gift basket that promotes relaxation, hydration, and comfort as Mama’s body changes. Let the Mom-to-be know that you support them on their journey to Motherhood!

19. A funny Activity Book to make them laugh

Funny Pregnancy gift Activity book-pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People is a hilarious, fun find for any pregnant pal. It’s down to earth while also being helpful. Perfect for friends with a great sense of humor.

20. Cozy Socks to warm their feet

Pregnancy Gift cozy socks "salt n peppa" push it song. pregnancy gifts for first time Moms.

Warm and funny Maternity Socks might be just the thing your best friend needs while they’re workin’ up a sweat growing that child. These socks are non-skid which make them great for protecting them from slipping. Bonus is they’ll get a smile from anyone in the same room with them while their feet are up (or in stirrups.)

21. Pregnancy Tracking Chalkboard for their insta feed

Pregnancy tracking chalkboard- how many weeks pregnant. Great pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Getting from one week to the next in pregnancy is very exciting. Help them track and remember each week with Olive & Emma Pregnancy Chalkboard.

22. Plant of the Month Club Subscription so they can grow more things

The Plant Club subscription box to send as a pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

Sometimes when you are pregnant, it can feel so overwhelming. That’s why it’s nice to have a healthy distraction! Give them some lovely house plants and clean the air in their home with The Plant Club subscription box.

23. Snacks to subside their hunger

SnackSack subscription snack box to send as pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

By the time the second trimester hits many pregnant Mamas start feeling SUPER hungry. Help feed their craving with a SnackSack box. They might find their new favorite snack! Pick from 4 unique snacking plans: Classic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, & Vegan+GF. Win, win, win.

Shiatsu foot massager- pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

An expectant mother’s partner should definitely be massaging their feet nightly, but when it’s time to bring in the big guns they’ll love a Shiatsu Foot Massager. This massager has air compression technology that promote healthy circulation, something that many people struggle with during the later stages of pregnancy.

25. A little Gift Box full of helpful items

A Little Something For Mama-to-Be gift set- pregnancy gifts for first time Moms

A Little Something For Mama-To-Be is a box of travel size necessities from Earth Mama Pregnancy Products. This 5 piece set includes essentials that your best friend will love trying. With lip balm, deodorant, belly butter lotion, belly oil for stretch marks, and body wash.

What should I get my newly pregnant friend?

The suggestions above are all things any newly pregnant friend would love! As someone who has gone through pregnancy twice, the pregnancy gifts I loved most when I was pregnant were ones that I could enjoy right away. That’s why you can’t go wrong with flowers, treats, and items designed for comfort as pregnancy gifts for first time Moms.

What are some other gifts ideas for a pregnant friend?

Besides the gift ideas mentioned in this article, some other creative ideas for gifts for an expecting Mom are: A gift card for a prenatal massage, bath bombs, a gift certificate for maternity clothing, a maternity robe and ice cream.

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